God has a unique dream for your church.

Let me help you to communicate it clearly.



How can you lead your church into the future, while honoring where they've been in the past, and maintaining a focus on glorifying God and making disciples?  The answer is vision clarity, a stunningly clear picture of "who we are" and "where we're going".  It's about constantly reminding people that God deals in uniqueness, so your church is like no other; and the plan God has for your church cannot be replicated.

The trouble is that we often get so bogged down in disagreements, in "Sunday's coming" busy-ness, in "the next new thing" that we rarely have time to think -- let alone gain consensus around who God is calling our church to be now and in the future.  That's where a Navigator comes in.  You need a strategic outsider, trained in process, to help you navigate the tunnel of chaos so you can get to the bright light of clarity.

I am your clarity navigator.  I've been trained a process that's been honed over two decades with hundreds of churches.  I've personally worked with teams all over the country to help them articulate how God has made them uniquely and to name the dream He has for their future in a way that invites commitment from their congregation.  I do this through a full 8-12 month Vision Framing process, through Strategic Planning Retreats, or through other custom-designed workshops for you and your team.

The first step is for us to connect so I can learn more about what God is doing in and through you and your people.  From there we can identify together what the best path forward is for your church.  So if you're ready for breakthrough clarity in your church leadership, let's schedule a call to get to know one another better!




I'm a fifth-generation Lutheran pastor.  After attending university in Atlanta, GA I spent a year traveling the globe on a missionary team, then worked for two years training and leading young adult missionaries.  Since then my wife and I have spent the last several years back in my original home of Central Florida leading a new church plant.

I prefer a bi-vocational model of ministry and so desire to have a secondary job alongside parish ministry.  A few years ago I became certified in the Church Unique Vision Framing process -- a tried and true approach to helping church leaders clarify "who we are" and "where we're going" for their local church body.

In 2018, I was able to be with 11 churches in 6 different states.  I am passionate about helping your local church uncover its God-given uniqueness.

If you're ready for breakthrough clarity for leading your church, I'd love to connect to talk more.

arp photo.jpg

Rev. Dr. Wally Arp

Senior Pastor - St Luke's Lutheran Church

First VP - SELC District, LCMS

I highly recommend Jacob Hoyer as a consultant for your strategic planning needs. He is a bright, articulate, and theologically sound leader who can guide your team in developing an actionable plan for the future of your organization. Jacob has a unique gift of listening to and drawing together the ideas of your team to state them in a clear and concise manner. Everyone who participated in the process felt that it was a valuable and productive use of their time.

grewe photo.jpg

Rev. Nathan Grewe

Senior Pastor - Zion Lutheran Church

Jacob Hoyer was a part of Zion Lutheran Church in Clark, NJ for a full year [as he worked with our team through the Vision Pathway]. Jacob was always in search of what made Zion unique, what made Clark unique, and how Zion can use what makes her unique to share the universal and timeless message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We never felt he was trying to fit a certain model or practice into the church, but rather he served us as a facilitator to get from us what we already knew; even if we didn't know that we knew it! I fully recommend Jacob Hoyer and I am certain that you will be blessed from his God-given gifts and talents.

moreno photo.jpg

Rev. Dr. Mark Moreno

Senior/Founding Pastor - Hope Lutheran Church

Marine Chaplain

Jacob Hoyer is a gifted facilitator that is able to help groups articulate values, goals, challenges and much more. In my work in both military settings as well as church settings, I’ve not met many facilitators with Jacob’s abilities to help a group achieve their goal.