Personal Vocation

Gospel-centered life design brings steadying clarity for confidence that's rooted in your divine design.

Steadying clarity for your life and work with a deeper sense of who you're called to be.

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Feeling Stuck?

Are you questioning yourself around big decisions?

Does it feel as though big decisions catch you flat-footed and ill-equipped to evaluate what's most important for you to live your calling?

I'll help you name your convictions in a way that empowers confident decision-making.

Are you feeling constantly out of place?

Do you feel like you're in a job, a family role, or a leadership position that just feels like a bad fit? Are you confused about whether it's a "you problem" or a "them problem"?

I'll help you discern when it's time to change your environment versus when it's time to change your investment in your current environment.

Has following passion become synonymous with burning out?

Are you starting to believe that doing something meaningful has to come at the cost of your personal wellness?

I'll help you set rhythms of work and rest that coincide with how you're made to operate so you can give your best where it's needed and refuel when you should.

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the outcomes

Our process delivers lasting impact day-by-day.

An Inspiring Purpose

With Clarity Navigator, you'll find that you can know and name exactly who you're called to be.  You'll see that your identity is tied to a unique story that God has been writing with your life all along.  Again and again we see this deep sense of purpose yield lasting results:

Peace in the Moment because you're doing what you're called to do.

Passion in the Work because you'll know that what's in front of you to do is tied to who you are.

Patience in the Process because you've named how God is working even in the waiting.

A Unifying Plan

With Clarity Navigator, you'll have a framework for maintaining clear vision for life that brings together (unifies) every aspect of who you are.  Again and again we see this life-making cycle yield lasting results:

Confident Communication to share with others who you are and what you're called to do.

Collaborative Execution to integrate your roles and activities around your one divine calling.

Consistent Impact to maximize the value that you get from everywhere that you place your focus.


Hear from folks who have been through our clarity process.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the process cost?

Our typical delivery format is the 4-day accelerator with 3 months of coaching through the 90-day launch process. The cost for this format is $1,499 and includes all assessments, workbooks, and lunches during the accelerator. Special rates and delivery formats can be discussed for groups registering together.

What’s included in the process?

The Younique process begins with a deep dive into who God made you to be, including 18 different assessment tools. Three of those are industry standard evaluations with a retail value over $120. You’ll then be trained to creatively name the wins in your life, inventory the roles you fill, and set goals that will help you build momentum and design a more fulfilling life. The 90-day launch is built around coaching you to live with greater purpose. All of this is guided by and recorded in a set

Who is the process for?

Broadly, the process is for everyone who wants to live with a greater sense of their God-given purpose. For too long Christian discipleship has been telling folks in order to serve God they must find a role in a direct ministry setting. This just isn’t true. Younique helps you to identify how you can live into who God has called you to be in every setting in your life. Because the Gospel-centered life design process helps you to know and to name your areas of strength and giftedness, it’s al

How much time does this take?

The Younique Gospel-centered life design process consists of two “Journeys” and a “90-day Launch”. Journey 1 focuses on clarifying identity while Journey 2 helps you clarify direction for your life. Those two journeys can be engaged in a weekly cohort setting, separately in two weekend accelerators, or combined in one 4-day accelerator. We prefer to deliver Younique in one of the accelerator formats as it helps folks engage the process if they set aside a block of time to enter into a reflect

Will the process tell me what job I should take?

We tend to associate “vocation” with “job”. In a spiritual sense, though, “vocation” is so much more than what you do for a paycheck. It’s the totality of how God made you to live and contribute in the world. So while the Younique process doesn’t make vocational decision for you; it will give you the personal clarity that will help you to see with fresh eyes the opportunities that are in front of you. It will help you to build the tools that turn difficult decisions into clear choices as you

Where did the process come from?

To help you to know and to name your God-given call, we use a Gospel-centered life design process called “Younique”. Younique was first developed by Will Mancini and Dave Rhodes, two leaders with decades of experience helping churches build systems to make disciples that make disciples. Will and Dave combined the best of design thinking and personal discipleship practices to create the Younique process. Jacob has been a Younique coach, building the Gospel-centered life design process into his

Where did the process come from?

Jacob is certified navigator in the Church Unique and God Dreams planning processes.  These processes were developed by Will Mancini and the team at Auxano.  Will and Auxano have been using the tools for almost two decades with hundreds of churches around the country.  Jacob was trained by Will and the Auxano team.  Jacob has over four years experience using the tools with over a dozen churches across several states.

Will this process grow my church?

As church leaders, we’re often looking for the next “silver bullet” to help us address the challenges of parish ministry.  The unfortunate reality is that there are no silver bullets.  Anecdotally, we can say that churches who lead with clearer vision after the Vision Framing process experience attendance growth.  Confidently, we could say that churches who have been through the Vision Framing process lead with a greater sense of purpose and direction that tends to be contagious in the congregation, invigorating the ministry in a way that can often breed growth.

What does the process cost?

Just as no two churches are alike, every process to clarify church vision is unique.  The typical Vision Framing proposal will include 8-10 months of work with a structure that includes a monthly fee, plus any travel expenses.  The proposal always includes all materials for the entire process. Once we speak about your unique circumstance, we can give you a better understanding of the fee structure for a church in your situation.

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Let's get on the phone, or schedule a Zoom call so I can learn more about you and where you are in life. I'll hear about the challenges you're facing and the dreams God is putting on your heart.  There's no obligation from you other than time.  But I promise I'll help clarify some questions right off the bat.

Customize the Plan

Once we talk we can get to work customizing how to leverage the tools I use to help you for the road ahead.  Based on your timeline and objectives, I'll put together a custom plan that helps you to know and name your calling from God.

Live with Clarity

I will facilitate the process that we design together so you're free to step into the life God is making for you.  At the end of the process you'll have more clarity on who you are and where you're going; and you'll have a roadmap for maintaining clarity in your life moving forward.