Ministry Training

Thoughtful, dynamic training brings inspirational clarity for ministry innovation that's fueled by creativity.

Inspirational clarity for your team with a dynamic presentation of new ideas.

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Feeling Stuck?

Has your team lost that sense of drive?

Has ministry efficiency (getting it done) crowded out ministry effectiveness (doing it well)? Is the sense of duty crowding out the sense of mission?

I'll bring a fresh perspective to shake things loose and get us out of the weeds.

Do staff meetings feel like an echo chamber?

Maybe you work together well, but familiarity is breeding complacency. Perhaps being able to finish each other's sentences has caused you to stop thinking up creative solutions.

I'll create some healthy conflict to restructure how you approach the same old problems with renewed perspective and vigor.

Has the ministry treadmill worn you out?

Has the over-full ministry calendar kept your team from pausing to think?

I'll help create a sacred pause in the midst of ministry chaos so you can remember what drives you in the first place.

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the outcomes

Our process delivers lasting impact day-by-day.

An Inspiring Purpose

With Clarity Navigator, you'll discover new ways of thinking to make connections between your daily activity and your eternal focus.  Again and again we see this deep sense of purpose yield lasting results:​

Peace in the Moment as you remember what it's all really about.

Passion in the Work as you get the opportunity to dream again.

Patience in the Process as you discover that there are many micro-steps along the way.

A Unifying Plan

With Clarity Navigator, you'll discover that there's a new approach just waiting to be piloted.  Again and again we see this design-focused philosophy yield lasting results:​

Confident Communication when you receive new language for the challenges you've been facing.

Collaborative Execution when your people start to rally around new ideas.

Consistent Leadership when you develop new patterns for design and evaluation.


Hear from folks who have been through our clarity process.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Where did the process come from?

Jacob is certified navigator in the Church Unique and God Dreams planning processes.  These processes were developed by Will Mancini and the team at Auxano.  Will and Auxano have been using the tools for almost two decades with hundreds of churches around the country.  Jacob was trained by Will and the Auxano team.  Jacob has over four years experience using the tools with over a dozen churches across several states.

Will this process grow my church?

As church leaders, we’re often looking for the next “silver bullet” to help us address the challenges of parish ministry.  The unfortunate reality is that there are no silver bullets.  Anecdotally, we can say that churches who lead with clearer vision after the Vision Framing process experience attendance growth.  Confidently, we could say that churches who have been through the Vision Framing process lead with a greater sense of purpose and direction that tends to be contagious in the congregation, invigorating the ministry in a way that can often breed growth.

What does the process cost?

Just as no two churches are alike, every process to clarify church vision is unique.  The typical Vision Framing proposal will include 8-10 months of work with a structure that includes a monthly fee, plus any travel expenses.  The proposal always includes all materials for the entire process. Once we speak about your unique circumstance, we can give you a better understanding of the fee structure for a church in your situation.

next steps

Let's Get Started!

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Let's get on the phone, or schedule a Zoom call so I can learn more about you and where you are in life. I'll hear about the challenges you're facing and the dreams God is putting on your heart.  There's no obligation from you other than time.  But I promise I'll help clarify some questions right off the bat.

Customize the Plan

Once we talk we can get to work customizing how to leverage the tools I use to help you for the road ahead.  Based on your timeline and objectives, I'll put together a custom plan that helps you to know and name your calling from God.

Live with Clarity

I will facilitate the process that we design together so you're free to step into the life God is making for you.  At the end of the process you'll have more clarity on who you are and where you're going; and you'll have a roadmap for maintaining clarity in your life moving forward.