Hi, I'm Jacob.

I'm a fifth-generation Lutheran pastor.  After attending university in Atlanta, GA I spent a year traveling the globe on a missionary team, then worked for two years training and leading young adult missionaries.  Since then my wife and I have spent the last several years back in my original home of Central Florida leading a new church plant.

I prefer a bi-vocational model of ministry and so desire to have a secondary job alongside parish ministry.  A few years ago I became certified in the Church Unique Vision Framing process -- a tried and true approach to helping church leaders clarify "who we are" and "where we're going" for their local church body.​In 2018, I was able to be with 11 churches in 6 different states.

Our mission

Our Purpose

Everything we do is designed to inspire hope by unlocking God-given potential for a more focused future.

Our values

The values that shape everything we do



• God has chosen you.
• You are in the right place.
• I affirm your authority.



• God has provided for you.
• You have what you need.
• I honor your context. 



• God will guide you.  
• You won’t go alone.
• I am on your team. 



• God will dream with you.
• You have more to see.
• I help paint a picture.